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Taron Margaryan: "It is not customary in the world when any political forces come to power and try to put under press the electoral bodies of local self-governance"
17:41, 17.05.2018

Today group of protesters broke into the City Hall and hindered the regular work of the staff. While they were demanding Yerevan Mayor’s resignation numerous citizens spontaneously gathered in front of the City Hall to protect Taron Margaryan and were announcing that their Mayor is Taron Margaryan. Later, Mayor Taron Margaryan met with the citizens gathered outside the City Hall and thanked them stressing that there is still a lot to be done and they will do it together with the residents and with their assistance.

"Everything you say is listened to, it reaches us, thank you. And now I ask you to join your families; I wish you a good day. I am grateful for your coming and protecting your Mayor. I have always been next to you, together we will make our Yerevan more flourishing", said Taron Margaryan.
Answering the journalists’ questions concerning Mayor’s resignation Taron Margaryan said, " It is not customary throughout the world when any political forces come to power and try to put under press the electoral bodies of local self-governance".
Yerevan Mayor also urged the RA Police to take measures concerning the organizers of the action of breaking into the City Hall.
"It is obvious that the law was broken when the activists broke into the City Hall and tried to hinder the regular work of the municipality staff. I call rights defenders to take this issue into consideration", said the Mayor.
In response to the issue related to the construction of the park dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan said that the park was given for rent ten years ago and in accordance with the agreement reached with the leaser the park was passed to the community, and only afterwards "The Vardanyans family" foundation expressed wish to carry out improvement activities and to give the park to the community as a present. This project was approved by all the members of Yerevan Council of Elders.
"I want to assure that no commercial activities can be fulfilled in the park, no areas can be allotted for cafes. The park will belong to the community, to Yerevanians, and instead of the cut down trees a lot more new ones will be planted", stressed Taron Margaryan.

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