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12:17, 09.11.2018

We already love sushi passionately, but did you know that, besides being incredibly tasty, sushi is also very healthy? These are some of the reasons why you should add sushi to your weekly diet.

1․Sushi helps to control your weight

There is nothing better than a delicious dinner with friends, is it? But as soon as the summer holidays are approaching, it becomes more and more difficult to control the amount of food eaten by us. Add sushi to your diet! These fantastic pieces of real art are not only tasty but can also be super healthy and have low-calorie content. Order a salad to the dish, enjoy sushi and get the right portion of healthy proteins.

2․ Wasabi prevents food poisoning

Sushi and wasabi go hand in hand. But did you know that fiery spicy green paste has its own health benefits? Not only does it soften the smell of raw fish and improve its flavour, but it also kills bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

3․ Sushi improves memory

Tuna and salmon contain a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which improves memory and has a beneficial effect on mental abilities. Say no to memory problems!

4․ Ginger is able to rid you of wrinkles

Well, really, ginger is too useful for us! Besides the fact that ginger gives sushi an incredible zest, it is also a treasure of antioxidants which help to prevent wrinkles on your skin. How do you like this replacement for expensive cosmetics?

5․ Sushi gives you vital energy

Nori (seaweed used for sushi wrap) is filled with B12 vitamins. Therefore, sushi can be considered the best source of B12 for vegetarians. B12 is a very important nutrient that converts the food we consume into glucose used for energy. No more energy drinks: just eat sushi!

If you visit Armenia, do not forget to try sushi in the best Japanese restaurant in Armenia AKO Sushi!

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