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Sarkissian Luxury Studio | Full services of Jewelry Design
01:15, 05.10.2019

Sarkissyan Luxury Studio has 3-years of experience with modern 3D printing technology. Keep surfing through our page in order to find out more information about our services, portfolio, team. If you wish to contact us, hit the contact tab, it will provide you with a couple of ways to reach us.

At Sarkissyan Luxury Studio we’ve created a top-notch business model for jewelry industry where boundless creativity and satisfying results meet our partners’ expectations. We are perfectionist manufacturers of jewelry, mastered in sketching, modeling, rendering and animation.

From jewelry casting patterns, stunning samples, to affordable finished 3D printed pieces, we shake the marketplace by our hard work and attention to details. We treat each request and client with utmost care and detailed precision as we believe that each piece of jewelry holds its own story.

We are in love with what we do and put a give-it-your-best attitude to each project and the results speak for themselves. Our studio prides itself with the creation of beautiful and elegant designs based on the imagination of our clients. Outside of the creation of new products, we help our clients to elevate their existing product display to the next level through visual storytelling.

The key to our success is speed, quality and our young and enthusiastic team. These 3 factors have granted us factual results and a motivation to keep up with the flow of the market. This allows us to never stop evolving and refining our work process and finished products as well as our company as a whole.

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