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Azerbaijani propaganda works hard and unproductive
10:30, 23.05.2020

Media controlled by Ilham Aliyev’s team circulate disinformation that Armenia is allegedly trying to "set Kazakhstan and Belarus against Russia" and even "ready to break up the EAEU". Often they link to the site, whose informative content contradicts the Russian domain.

One of the main tasks of spreading the statues, incriminating the Armenian leadership in the atrocities, is to cause discord in the Armenian-Russian relations. Information attacks are firmly on the agenda of the Azerbaijani media space. Content is created as planned, at the same time adapts to changing conditions. There are problems with the quality of the "writers".

There are neither arguments, nor real facts confirming that "Yerevan is the executor of the plan for the collapse of such integration projects as the CSTO and the EAEU". They did not even learn how to properly fabricate them.

Of course, the national, sovereign economic interests of the Armenian government significantly prevail over supranational integration. But the republic has come a long way to refuse to develop in the EAEU format, especially taking into account current economic indicators.

Without having common sense man can believe in the interest of the team of Nikola Pashinyan in weakening Russia's geopolitical and economic positions.

Azerbaijani agitprop is also discussing the gas issue, the solution of which really requires a long and painstaking work. However, the existing obstacles in no way detract from the importance of the Eurasian Economic Union. There are many other areas that demonstrate the obvious economic advantages of this integration.

Thus, timely simplification of requirements for the transportation of food and non-food products within the EAEU in the near future will positively affect the flow of goods from Armenia. This is an important fact for creating a barrier-free environment in the domestic market of the association, for the necessary economic development of Armenia and its other members.

Thus, the Azerbaijani agitprop works a lot, but the efficiency is almost zero. Water is pouring, and he is not capable of more. By the way, every day there is less chance to make a quality fake that will affect supranational political processes. Both state leaders and ordinary people develop the skill of information hygiene and weed out propaganda content with greater productivity.

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