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How To Get Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
09:39, 13.01.2021

The most basic level of certification offered by Six Sigma is the Green Belt, which is still preferred because of the subtle advantages as well as benefits produced by the same. Though it is the first certification level in the tier of certification levels of the Six Sigma, it has managed to maintain as well as protect the name and fame of the same, thereby increasing the chances of Green Belt certification for the varied range of skill sets that matter.

There are many different offers on the net for the Green Belt certificates and certification. Wikipedia summarizes: Criteria for Green Belt and Black Belt certification vary; There is no standard certification body. The key players in a Six Sigma organization and their roles are listed here as follows; executive leaders; are highly visible top-down commitment, they assume ownership of the Six Sigma process, and create vision and goals. They identify opportunities, importantly allocating resources and providing, you can call it inspired leadership. The project sponsors, sometimes called the champion, will then be the line manager or owner of the process, who identifies and prioritizes project opportunities. The project sponsor would then select projects, also help provide resources, participate in the project execution, and help to remove barriers. Now, the master black belt has an important role; this is someone who works full-time for Six Sigma implementation and has the responsibility for planning and providing technical support for the entire organization. The master black belt will train black belts, act as a coach and a mentor, provide overall leadership in the Six Sigma implementation. Black belts or people that have an expert or are experts on Six Sigma tools, work full-time on Six Sigma projects; they train the green belts, lead teams, and provide assistance with Six Sigma tools. For example, the different improvement methods, diagnostic tools, and statistical methods. Green belts tend to work part-time on projects with black belts, and they integrate the Six Sigma methodology in their daily work and lead smaller projects. For your orientation, we compared our requirements with those of the ASQ, the American Society for Quality.

The examination of the Six Sigma theory knowledge is a necessary condition for all providers. The ASQ has set a standard with its body of knowledge (BoK) . This BoK is the reference for us. The prerequisite for participation in the Green Belt Course at some places is that you already acquired the Yellow Belt certificate. The ASQ requires 3 years of professional experience in process improvement under the guidance of a Black Belt. This requirement, however, not only excludes new employees but all employees of companies without Six Sigma initiatives or Black Belts. We do not require prior work experience. Also, in contrast to us, ASQ does not require the implementation of a certification project. The International Society of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Professionals (ISSSP) distinguishes between a certificate awarded for the theory examination and certification for the completion of a project. This is exactly how we see it: After passing a theory exam, you can't drive a car yet - you need driving lessons. Therefore, we demand the implementation of a concrete project for our Green Belt certification. Our course and the related book are meant to support you.

Typically, a certification project is carried out based on a concrete problem in a company. Depending on its scope, this project can lead to the Six Sigma or to the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. It is suitable as a certification project because you will be able to use all the core DMAIC tools, from the project definition to data collection, test of hypotheses, root cause analysis, implementation, and control of solutions.

The milestones of Business- and Standard-Projects are, of course, based on the DMAIC phases. The DEFINE phase starts with the Project-Topic and the Project-Definition.

For the Standard-Project, we already predefined some information in the SigmaGuide for your orientation. In Business-Projects, all information for SigmaGuide must be collected from a specific business. Some courses which offer Green belt course require at least three years of experience in working in a DMAIC phase. However, some can directly allow you to delve in and start the course. The classes can range from two-week programs on a regular basis to work from home programs, which may require around 30 hours of dedication and online class time.
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