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At least 1 dead after graduation shooting in Georgia
11:15, 19.05.2018

Police say an argument after a graduation ceremony Friday night led to a shooting that killed at least one person in Georgia.

According to Clayton County Police, the shooting happened after a graduation for Perry Learning Center, which prepares students for careers as an alternative to traditional high schools. The shots were fired in the parking lot of Mount Zion High School, which provided overflow parking for people attending the ceremony in Jonesboro, about 20 miles south of Atlanta.

In a statement, police confirmed that one person died from the shooting.

The Clayton County Fire Department confirmed that two other people sustained injuries and were transported to area hospitals.

The county schools’ safety chief, Thomas Trawick, says people going to their cars got into an argument that led to the shooting. He said he couldn’t provide details about the injuries and had no information about any suspects.

Trawick said his initial reaction “wasn’t pleasant,” given that 10 people were killed earlier in the day in a school shooting in Texas.

At least 1 dead after graduation shooting in Georgia
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