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VivaCell-MTS. “Honor View 10” is already on sale
17:45, 07.06.2018

VivaCell-MTS informs that “Honor View 10” smartphone is already available for sale at the Company’s service centers and online shop.
“Honor View 10” has double core 20 MP and 16 MP camera, AI processor, unblocking with face recognition, as well as 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM.
The price of the smartphone is AMD 286 900.
The device can be purchased both in cash and by installment.
For more information, one can visit, contact 111 free of charge hotline, chat with us through “111 Online”, or approach one of our service centers across Armenia. For updates on our news, join us on Facebook.

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16:25, 16.11.2018
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