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VivaCell-MTS: high speed Internet – with you, when you need it
14:00, 08.06.2018

VivaCell-MTS introduces the “Data Daily” prepaid bundle providing daily 1 GB high speed Internet. It gives an opportunity to connect the Internet only on days when the subscriber needs it, controlling one’s Internet expenses on a daily basis.
To activate the service one simply needs to connect the Internet on the modem or the tablet.
The daily activation of the 1 GB high speed Internet is AMD 200. The fee of the service activation is charged upon the package activation.
“Summer is a busy touristic season for Armenia, and “Data Daily” service was created to fully satisfy the needs of the tourists and our compatriots travelling around Armenia. So, while travelling you can take the modem or tablet with you and through “Data Daily” prepaid bundle use the high speed Internet wherever and whenever you want,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.
By the way, one can also get a 10 000 MB Internet package, which can be consumed within 6 month period, in case the subscriber buys one of the offered modems. The modem with embedded 10 000 MB package is AMD 12 000. In case of choosing this option, the subscriber will be first consuming the 10 000 MB package, and can activate the daily 1 GB package after.
Card provisioning terms
Card AMD 1000
Card validity period 195 days
Card includesAMD 1000 initial balance
One can view the list of modems offered by visiting
For more information, one can visit, contact 111 free of charge hotline, chat with us through “111 Online”, or approach one of our service centers across Armenia. For updates on our news, join us on Facebook.

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