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Dozens Perish as Deadly West Nile Virus Invades Greece
15:05, 21.09.2018

At least 27 people have already died in Greece from the West Nile fever, while a total of 234 people have been infected, Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (HCDCP) said.
At least 183 people among those infected suffer from disorders of the central nervous system.

The virus of the West Nile fever was first detected in Greece in 2010. In 2010-2014, about 80 people died from disease in Greece. In 2015 and 2016, there were no registered cases of the disease. In 2017, 48 cases of the disease and five deaths from the West Nile fever were reported. In addition to Greece, West Nile fever was detected in eight other European countries.

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