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Man guilty for attempting to murder two men on London Underground
12:05, 06.10.2018

A man has been convicted of attempted murder for pushing the former chairman of cross-Channel tunnel operator Eurotunnel onto London subway tracks.

A jury found Paul Crossley guilty Friday of shoving 91-year-old Robert Malpas off a platform at Marble Arch station.

Malpas suffered a fractured pelvis and a gash to his head. He was saved by passer-by Riyad El Hussani, who jumped and pulled him off the tracks before a train arrived.

Crossley was convicted at London's Central Criminal Court of attempting to murder Malpas and another man, who was shoved at another Underground station earlier the same day, but managed to keep his balance.

The 46-year-old suspect, who had suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, denied intending to kill the men.

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