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VivaCell-MTS: Buy a smartphone and get a chance to win an “iPhone SE” or an “Honor 9 Lite” smartphone
14:35, 08.10.2018

VivaCell-MTS informed that from October 1 till October 30, 2018 (inclusively), one can buy any smartphone and get a chance to participate in a prize draw of 27 “iPhone SE” (32 GB) and 54 “Honor 9 Lite” smartphones.

To participate in the draw, one needs to obtain a smartphone from VivaCell-MTS service centers, either in cash or by installment. Upon the completion of the purchase, one needs to keep the purchased smartphone and the cash receipt (payment receipt).

The Lotteries for the smartphones will be implemented by means of software developed by “MTS Armenia” CJSC starting from October 2, 2018 till November 1, 2018. Lotteries for the smartphones, bought on Saturday or Sunday during the mentioned period, will be implemented on the following working day.

The publication of the results will be available online (on “MTS Armenia” CJSC official Facebook page). The results will be publicized at 11:00 AM on each Lottery day, and the results of the Lottery for smartphones, bought on Saturday or Sunday - at 21:00 PM on the following working day.

Here you can get acquainted with the rules of the draw.


To receive the prize, the winning participant shall visit “MTS Armenia” CJSC service center, from which the smartphone was purchased, within 7 calendar days starting from the day of publishing the results of each Lottery. The winning participant shall submit personal identification document (passport or identification card), the smartphone, the IMEI code of which was selected as winner during the Lottery, and the cash receipt (payment receipt) of the purchase.

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