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1 Dead, 1 Wounded In Shooting Outside Glendale Restaurant
11:25, 15.10.2018

One person was killed and another person injured in a shooting outside a restaurant in Glendale on Saturday, police said.

The shooting happened near San Fernando Road and Ruberta Avenue about 8:22 p.m.

CBSLA’s Jeff Nguyen reports that Saturday night several blocks were closed around the scene for the police investigation.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of a banquet hall called ARARAT Restaurant Lounge Cafe.

The Glendale Police Department said the injuries to the wounded person are superficial and that person should be OK.

There were about three parties going on inside the banquet hall.

Investigators are talking to witnesses and are looking for one suspect.

There is no firm description of the shooter or whether there was a car involved.

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