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Media: Due to explosions in warehouses, Ukraine lost about 40% of its ammunition
14:25, 21.10.2018

Ukrainian journalist Yury Butusov, in an article for the newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli, reported that in 1.5 years the country had lost about 40% of all the ammunition available as a result of explosions in warehouses.

According to him, as a result of a number of state of emergency, more than 210 thousand tons of ammunition of all types were destroyed.

The author also said that during the years of the military operation in the Donbas, the country's army spent 70 thousand tons of ammunition.

“Our losses at burned-down warehouses are three times higher than the costs of ammunition during the war,” Butusov stressed.

Also, in his opinion, the country will not be able to recover the losses in the near future, since the purchase of weapons from Western partners will cost Ukraine "hundreds of millions of dollars." Kiev, according to the journalist, does not currently have such resources.

Earlier it was reported that a fire broke out in military warehouses near Chernigov.
The SBU said they are working on several versions of what happened, including sabotage.

Kiev blamed Russia for what happened, and the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, announced a “Russian trace”.

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