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Chinese man sold his kidney for iPhone & is disabled for life
11:30, 10.01.2019

About seven years ago, when Xiao Wang was only 17 years old; he decided to sell one of his kidneys so that he could afford to buy iPhone 4. Once the operation was complete, Wang was told that he was going to be able to live a normal life with one kidney. However, eight years have gone by, and now the 24-year old is disabled permanently and is dependent on dialysis to live.

It was decided that Xiao Wang would receive $3,200 for this kidney. The amount of money was more than enough to help him get an iPhone 4. However, this idiotic decision has transformed his life into a disaster. The 17-year-old boy figured that he could go on to live on one kidney and the dubious doctors that carried out the procedure also ensured him that he would be able to lead a normal life even with a single kidney. The medical procedure was carried out in an illegal hospital in Changzhou. The operation was termed successful, however; complications arose soon enough.

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