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Nikol Pashinyan: "One of the most important processes taking place in Armenia…"
09:35, 08.02.2019

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has just made a post on his Facebook page:

"In the last months one of the most important process taking place in Armenia is the signs of the revival of the vocational education.

On the petition and encouragement of the government dozens of private companies concluded treaties with the public institutes on preparing specialists for them.

So, the private part has a concret interest on making investments in educational system: to provide the institutes logistic support in order that they could prepare the necessary staff for that companies. That means at least the great part of the graduates will have guaranteed jobs.

The most pleasing fact is that this process takes place also in the provinces. Now, two dozens of treaties on textile, food industry, tourism, design etc. spheres have been concluded. In the forthcoming time an assignment of one more dozen of treaties is expected.

I call on all of the private companies to cooperate closely with the Ministry of Education and Science, the government in order to expand this very positive process."

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