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LUMBERJACKPOT Lotto lout Michael Carroll cuts logs and delivers coal for £10 an hour after blowing £10m jackpot
02:25, 13.02.2019

The ex-binman, 35, made headlines around the world for hosting drug-fuelled orgies and demolition derbies with his winnings.

Now skint, he told The Sun: “I hump around 50kg bags of coal and I chop the logs that are sold at filling stations.

“My £10million vanished in just ten years and I don’t have a home or a car to call my own. But I’m not bitter.

“Easy come, easy go.”

Carroll starts work at 6am and regularly puts in 12 hours at a fuel merchant’s firm in Elgin, Moray.

But he insists he has no complaints about the back-breaking work — and that frittering away his fortune was a blessing in disguise.

He said: “I might deliver 150 sacks of coal a day. Sometimes I’ll get a tip of a few quid which is quite funny.

“I don’t usually get recognised because my face is black from soot. And I’m in much better shape physically — I was 22st and now I’m 17st.”

He went on: “Life isn’t all about money. It sounds completely crazy but I’ve never been happier than since I returned to work.

“Going broke is the best thing that happened to me and, believe me, I had a great time doing it.”

Carroll, from Downham Market, Norfolk, was 19 and wearing an electronic tag for being drunk and disorderly when he won £9.7million in 2002.

He later clocked up more than 30 court appearances, typically arriving at hearings in a souped-up motor, swigging lager and covered in jewellery.

Carroll became infamous for throwing Big Macs and nuggets at people from his cars, including a Mercedes van emblazoned with “King of Chavs”.

In Press interviews, he boasted of frittering away £10,000 a day and bedding 4,000 women. But by 2012 his money had gone and he’d been barred from every pub for miles around.

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