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Sudan crisis: Military council arrests former government members
14:00, 15.04.2019

Sudan's transitional military council has arrested members of the former government and promised not to disperse protesters.

A spokesman also urged the opposition to pick the next prime minister and vowed to implement their choice.

He also said the army would not remove protesters from their sit-in by force, but called on protesters "to let normal life resume" and stop unauthorised roadblocks.

Months of protests in Sudan led to the ousting and arrest of long-time leader Omar al-Bashir on Thursday.

Demonstrators have vowed to stay on the streets until there is an immediate move to civilian rule.

A sit-in is continuing outside the defence ministry in the capital Khartoum.

In a press conference on Sunday, spokesman Maj Gen Shams Ad-din Shanto said the military council was "ready to implement" whatever civilian government the opposition parties agreed.

"We won't appoint a PM. They'll choose one," he said, referring to opposition and protest groups.

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