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The United States refused to accept China
17:35, 27.05.2019

The US President Donald trump said that Washington is not prepared to conclude the bargain with Beijing. He said this during his visit to Japan, writes Bloomberg.

“I think they [the Chinese] probably would like to make a deal on the terms offered before they decided to revise their. They would like to make a deal, but we are not willing to go for it,” said trump. The American President added that the duties imposed by the US against Chinese imports, can “very substantially, it is very easy to grow”.

At the same time, trump expressed confidence that ultimately, Washington and Beijing will agree. “I think that sometime in the future China and the US will conclude a great bargain, and we’re looking forward to it,” he said.

A new round of trade conflict between the United States and China occurred in may 2019, when Washington after unsuccessful negotiations with Beijing have introduced increased duties on Chinese imports. They touched the goods at $ 200 billion. In addition, trump instructed to begin the process of raising duties on Chinese products another 300 billion. The Chinese side in response have imposed their own restrictions on U.S. imports to 60 billion dollars.

After the introduction of tariffs trump also declared a state of emergency for the protection of American communications networks. Under this Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is in the black list of companies that can cooperate with the Chinese business only with a special license. The company has provided a reprieve for three months. China has threatened to respond to this move from the American side by their own measures.

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