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Meet Joshua Beckford, the 13-year-old genius who hopes to change the world
20:20, 16.06.2019

Joshua Beckford, a 13-year-old boy who was diagnosed with high functioning autism, has been named as one of the most intelligent children in the world. At the age of six, most kids are still learning how to read and count, however, at that age, Beckford was intellectually ready to attend one of the best universities in the world. At just 10 months old, Beckford could already read, write and understand the alphabet. By the time he turned two, he could read fluently and he could speak Japanese by the age of three. According to, Becford became the youngest person to study at Oxford University. When he was six, his dad contacted the prestigious university and he was enrolled to study Philosophy and History. The courses were designed for gifted kids between the ages of eight and 13, but, a six-year-old beckford managed to complete both subjects with distinctions. Now, at the age of 13, Beckford is too advanced to attend a normal grade three class, so he has to be home schooled. The young genius plans to pursue a career in neurosurgery in the future and is set to practice gall bladder removals and appendectomy procedures.

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