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Bartomeu: Atleti's €80m Griezmann claim not valid
01:45, 15.07.2019

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu does not believe Atletico Madrid's demand for the Catalan club to pay them an additional €80 million for Antoine Griezmann has any foundation.

Despite the fact the clause dropped to €120m on July 1, Barca waited until July 12 to pay. The club had to find the money to pay the operation in full due to Atletico's rejection of a payment plan.

"We had to ask for a loan to the value of €35m which will be paid back within six months," Bartomeu explained. "The other €85m is from money which is due from player sales."

The recent sales of the likes of Andre Gomes to Everton and Denis Suarez to Celta Vigo are included within that €85m.

Bartomeu insisted that CEO Oscar Grau had tried to strike a more favourable deal with his Atletico counterpart Miguel Angel Gil Marin.

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