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Michael Schumacher is ‘conscious’ after being taken to hospital for stem cell treatment
15:35, 11.09.2019

Michael Schumacher is reportedly "conscious" after undergoing stem-cell treatment in Paris, a French newspaper has claimed.
It emerged on Monday that Schumacher, who has not been seen in public for almost six years following his skiing accident, was admitted to a Paris hospital for "secret treatment".
In a further development, it is now believed that a leading surgeon, who specialises in stem-cell breakthroughs, has been treating the Formula One legend at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in the French capital.

And Le Parisien have now claimed that Schumacher was admitted for transfusions of inflammation-reducing stem cells - and that the state-of-the-art facility "has turned into a bunker" following his arrival at the hospital.

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