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Inecobank innovative sponsor of WCIT 2019
13:25, 12.09.2019

[Yerevan, Armenia] - Today, Inecobank and the Office of the WCIT 2019 IT World Forum issued a joint statement announcing Inecobank as the innovative sponsor of the WCIT 2019 conference.

“Inecobank will sponsor one of the prestigious IT events of the world – “WCIT 2019” congress. As WCIT 2019 innovative sponsor, the Bank aims at boosting the ICT sector in Armenia and supporting to the growth of interest towards Armenia in various international technological platforms. I am convinced that the forum will create favorable prerequisites for attracting new investments, will ensure expansion of partnership and will significantlygrow interest towards our country by the international companies," said Aren Naltakyan, Acting CEO of Inecobank.

“One of the most prestigious IT events in the world will take place this year in Yerevan, Armenia. Our country will host ICT giants in October, which is a great opportunity for local companies to discuss the most up-to-date IT topics, build new connections and collaborate with conference partners to implement their boldest innovation solutions, " said Alexander Yesayan, chairman of the WCIT 2019 Yerevan organizing committee, president of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprise of Armenia (UATE).

The WCIT 2019 IT World Forum will take place in Yerevan on October 6-9 and will host over 2,500 participants from over 70 countries. The conference, headed under the title “The Power of Decentralization: Expectations and Dangers” is hosted in Armenia under the high auspices and support of the RA Government. The event is organized by the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises.

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