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Iraq shuts down internet again as protests intensify
16:50, 05.11.2019

Network data from the NetBlocks internet observatory show that internet access has been cut across much of Iraq as of 21:00 UTC, Monday 4 November 2019 (00:00 Baghdad time, 5 November 2019).At the time of writing, national connectivity has fallen below 19% of normal levels sending tens of millions of users offline across Baghdad, also impacting Basra, Karbala and other population centers except semi-autonomous Kurdish northern regions. Network measurement data indicate that the new disruption is the most severe telecommunication restriction to have been imposed by Iraq’s government since protests began.Update: Internet access was briefly restored for 3.5 hours from 6:00 a.m. UTC (9:00 a.m. Baghdad time) Tuesday morning, before being cut again. Social media and messaging apps remained blocked throughout, and the near-total shutdown is now once again in effect.

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