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POLITICO: US buget office checks legality of Trump’s freeze on aid to Kiev
14:45, 08.11.2019

The U.S. General Audit Office (Accounts Chamber) has launched an audit to determine whether President Donald Trump has violated appropriation law without notifying Congress of the suspension of military assistance to Ukraine in the summer. This was reported on Thursday by the Politico newspaper.Representatives of the Democratic Party believe that Trump linked the allocation of funds with the investigation of the activities of the son of former US Vice President Joseph Biden Hunter in Ukraine. The head of the White House attributed the freezing of aid to the insufficient struggle of the Ukrainian authorities against corruption.Spokesperson for Public Relations Management Chuck Young told the publication that the time frame for verification has not yet been established. In this case, it is exclusively a legal assessment of the actions of the head of state, and the administration cannot call any of those subject to verification to testify. The administrative and budgetary administration of the White House emphasized that they fully complied with the procedures prescribed by law.

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