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Mel(ine) is an intimate documentary about Mel Daluzyan. How the film making company describes the film
11:00, 15.11.2019

Mel(ine) is an intimate documentary about Mel Daluzyan, one of Armenia’s most talented weightlifters, a once belovedchampion who has won medals and broken world records, but whose fame transformed into infamy when his transgender identity became public knowledge.Film director is Inna Sahakyan. Length: 70 min. The film follows a story that spans years, and thousands of kilometers; tracing the twists and turns of lives caughtbetween self-actualization and a rigid traditional society. Through our characters the film asks the question: whatis the price that a person must pay to become themselves? And if that price is your family, your friends, and even your homeland, is it worth it?

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