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Throwing cigarette butts on the streets in Brussels to be punished by €200 fine
16:00, 17.11.2019

The campaign has to make people from Brussels more aware of the cigarettes butts on the ground. Getting caught throwing one on the ground could cost €200, starting from January.

“Our services have noticed that a lot of cigarette butts are still on the ground, and it is difficult for the street sweepers to catch all of them,” Jellab said, reports Bruzz. The campaign is mostly meant to raise awareness. Posters have been hung around the city and portable ashtrays have been distributed on the Grand Place on Thursday.

‘Plan Filters’ is an awareness campaign to stop people throwing cigarette butts on the streets. Credit: Kabinet Jellab
Garbage bins meant specifically for cigarettes will also be placed in public spaces, mostly close to tram and bus stops, and schools. About 100 additional ones will be installed by the end of 2019.

“As of January 2020, the police will be extra vigilant in ensuring that smokers will no longer throw cigarette butts on the streets, and fines will be increased from €50 to €200,” Jellab said.

Additionally, the Alderman will collaborate with the recycling startup WeCircular. “Cigarette butts contain between 2,000 and 4,000 chemical elements that end up on the street or in the sewage system, while we know they could be recycled,” she added.

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