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Iran’s supreme leader condemns violent protests over petrol price
10:20, 18.11.2019

Iran’s supreme leader insisted there would be no retreat from the decision to raise fuel prices that has stoked the biggest anti-government protests across the country for two years.Demonstrators on Sunday took to the streets in towns and cities across Iran for a third consecutive day, prompting the authorities to shut down the internet to prevent any co-ordination between the protesters. Security forces had on Saturday deployed tear gas and fired live rounds to disperse some of the largest and most violent demonstrations the country has seen since late 2017.The Fars news agency put the number of protesters since Friday at about 88,000 in 100 towns and cities, adding that 1,000 demonstrators had been arrested. The agency did not give the number of deaths but said more than 150 banks and other stores had been set alight or looted in one province alone.

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