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Three-year-old boy is killed after falling into a scalding pot of curry in India
19:10, 22.11.2019

A three-year-old boy has died from burn injuries after falling into a scalding pot of curry in India.

The youngster, who is thought to have been called Suresh, was playing near the food preparation area at a function in the Ranga Reddy district of Telangana.

Cyberabad police were informed of the tragic accident by the boy's father and are investigating what happened.

The force told NDTV: 'We had received a complaint yesterday from a person named Suresh that while attending a function his son Suresh fell into a vessel filled with hot sambhar and received severe burn injuries.'

It is thought that the boy had been playing near the cooking area when the incident happened on Sunday, reports New Indian Express.

After being burned, the toddler was taken to the Shabad government hospital and then moved to the Osmania general hospital, but died on Tuesday.

Sambar, or sambhar, is a spicy vegetable stew or curry-style dish which is popular in southern India. It is served boiling hot and brewed in giant vessels.

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