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Gory moment hockey star Keith Yandle is smacked in the face with a puck and then casually pulls out NINE TEETH before going on to finish the game
19:20, 25.11.2019

It's not easy making history - a point that Florida Panthers' Keith Yandle proved Saturday after getting hit in the mouth with a puck.

Yandle - who holds the active record for most consecutive games played in the NHL - was struck in the mouth in the first period against the Carolina Hurricanes and left the ice while pulling out nine teeth and spitting blood.

But after some quick dental work he was back in action in the third period, and then played again Sunday for the Panthers against the Buffalo Sabres.Saturday's game, against the Carolina Hurricanes, ended in a 4-2 defeat for the panthers, as did their match against the Sabres with a 5-2 scoreline.

Yandle is also fifth in the all-time rankings, with Canadian Doug Jarvis at the top having played 964 consecutive games between 1975 and 1987.

If he can keep his current Iron Man streak going, then Yandle will break Jarvis's record at some point in the second half of next season.

Yandle's streak began back in March 2009, when he was just 14 years old and playing for the Phoenix Coyotes.

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