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Cousin of ex-Daesh leader Baghdadi captured in northern Iraq
17:20, 04.12.2019

Hisham al-Hashemi, an Iraqi security analyst, wrote in a post published on his Twitter page on Wednesday that “forces from the Hawija police station had managed to arrest a Daesh commander identified as Hamed Shaker Saba’ al-Badri inside the city of Kirkuk. He is the cousin of Baghdadi and better known by the nom de guerre Abu Khaldun.”

Hashemi added that Abu Khaldun was “one of the most senior Daesh leaders, who used to manage intelligence files in the terror group.”

Back on November 7, a senior Turkish official said a wife and daughter of Baghdadi were among a group of Daesh suspects detained by Turkish police in June 2018.

The unnamed official said the woman was Asma Fawzi Muhammad al-Qubaysi, Baghdadi's first wife. She was found in Hatay, southern Turkey, among a group of 11 Daesh suspects that comprised of four women, one man and six children. She had falsely identified herself as Rania Mahmoud.

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