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How to Follow Bloomberg on Telegram
18:50, 05.12.2019

There’s a new way to get the latest business news and analysis from Bloomberg: We’re now on Telegram.
You may have found this page if you were looking for us on WhatsApp. Sadly, our WhatsApp channel is shutting down on Dec. 7 following Facebook’s changes to the way messages can be sent. (Facebook owns WhatsApp.) The good news: We’re trying out a Telegram channel, where you can get the same sort of news we shared there. Here’s how to get started.
What to expect: We’ll send about three messages each day — including breaking news, summaries of our biggest stories, and deep dives with background from Bloomberg reporters.
How to subscribe: First, make sure you have Telegram on your mobile device. You can download it here on the App Store for iOS or here on Google Play for Android.
Then, join our Telegram channel by clicking here and tapping Join. It’s easiest on a mobile device, but you can also launch it on desktop by clicking “open in web.”

If that doesn’t work, you can also search for Bloomberg within the Telegram app — we’re the ones with a verified checkmark.

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