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Twitter Shares the Most Tweeted Topics and Celebrities of 2018
22:40, 10.12.2019

Twitter has this week shared its annual round-up of the most tweeted about topics, politicians, celebrities and more, providing a range of insights into the key trends of the year, and what's of most interest to Twitter users.

First off, on topics - the most discussed movements of 2018 were as follows:

Those likely come as little surprise - each of these movements also saw significant media coverage, showing that Twitter generally reflects the key movements of the time. The amount of related on-platform discussion underlines that Twitter remains a hugely relevant cultural force, with many of these topics first gaining significant momentum via tweet.

It will be absolutely no surprise to anyone that US President Donald Trump tops this list. Trump's polarizing personality and policy approach has both his supporters and opponents regularly engaging - if nothing else, Trump has definitely awakened more political awareness across the spectrum.

Interesting, too, to note how few comparative mentions US Vice President Mike Pence has seen.

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