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Boris Johnson vote: Where is Carrie Symonds as Boris brings dog to vote?
17:00, 12.12.2019

Boris Johnson arrived to cast his vote with dog Dilyn at Methodist Hall polling station this morning. The Prime Minister is vying for a Conservative majority and was the picture of determination as he arrived to cast his ballot. However, girlfriend Carrie Symonds was nowhere to be seen as Boris arrived at the polls.

The couple live together at No 11 Downing Street - after the pair decided they wanted the larger apartment next door rather than staying at No 10, as is traditional.

Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie has been by his side through the whole journey sine Mr Johnson was elected as Tory leader - and PM.

But she didn't join her 'Bozzie Bear' at the polling station this morning, with the Conservative leader instead taking his dog Dilyn to vote.

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