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Disclosed the size of the US nuclear arsenal
23:35, 16.01.2020

Currently, the United States has a 1750 deployed nuclear warheads in reserve is 2050 warheads awaiting dismantling about 2,000 warheads, bringing the total number of warheads to 5800. The current size of the US nuclear Arsenal is revealed in the journal Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

From 1750 400 deployed warheads designed for ballistic missiles, approximately 900 for submarines. Another 300 warheads are in the US on the bases of bombers. The remaining 150 tactical — on the European sites.

The publication States that us nuclear weapons are stored at approximately 24 locations in 11 U.S. States and five European countries.

The place with the largest number of nuclear weapons is the complex of underground vaults and ammunition in Kirtland South of Albuquerque (nm), where warheads awaiting shipment to the Pantex plant (TX) for disposal.

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