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Libya's NOC declares force majeure on Sharara, El Feel oilfields: document
18:25, 21.01.2020

Libya’s National Oil Corp declared force majeure on crude loadings from the Sharara and El Feel oilfields, according to a document sent to traders that was seen by Reuters on Monday.

The document said individuals under the supervision of the Petroleum Facilities Guard blocked pipelines linking the Sharara oilfield to the Zawiya oil terminal and the El Feel oilfield to the Mellitah terminal.

Since Friday, Haftar’s forces have closed Libya’s major oil ports in a power play as European and Arab powers and the United States were meeting with his supporters in Berlin to push him to halt a campaign to capture the capital Tripoli.

Tripoli-based Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj told Reuters he rejects eastern demands to link a reopening of oil ports to a new distribution of oil revenues among Libyans, saying such income was in any case meant to benefit the entire country.

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