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Soros accuses #Facebook of helping re-elect Trump
11:20, 24.01.2020

George Soros accused Facebook of working to re-elect Donald Trump in this year’s U.S. election campaign in exchange for protection.

“Facebook will work to re-elect Trump and Trump will protect Facebook,” the Hungarian-born U.S. financier said in a speech in Davos on Thursday. “It makes me very concerned about the outcome of 2020.”Speaking at a dinner hosted by his Open Society Foundation, Soros laid into Trump, China’s Xi Jinping, India’s Narendra Modi, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, among others.

He described Trump as “the ultimate narcissist” and called Xi Jinping a “dictator,” while praising teenage climate activists such as Greta Thunberg.

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