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 Bulgarian prosecution begins investigation of two Russian diplomats accused of espionage
21:15, 24.01.2020

The pre-trial investigation of two Russian diplomats accused of espionage has begun, the Bulgarian prosecution informed on its website on Friday.

"Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev has informed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the evidence gathered regarding the espionage activity carried out by two foreign nationals with diplomatic immunity on the territory of the country," the prosecution informs. "Two pre-trial investigations of crimes committed against the Republic of Bulgaria have begun."

The Bulgarian prosecution informs that the investigation is carried out against two foreigners, who "collected state secret information with the aim to disclose it to a foreign state or a foreign organization." "In the course of the investigation within one of the pre-trial proceedings, it was documented that since 2017 to the present day, a Russian national has been involved in espionage activity, during which he searched for information on election mechanisms in the country. It was established that the Russian national is a diplomat accredited as first secretary of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Sofia," the message follows.

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