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Protests attempt to block roads ahead of parliament session in Lebanon
17:00, 11.02.2020

Thousands of Lebanese took to the streets in Beirut on Tuesday blocking the roads in an attempt to prevent parliament members from joining a meeting to pass a confidence vote on the new cabinet, Al Jadeed local TV channel.Protesters from all over the country gathered in Beirut's downtown. They managed to block some of the streets leading to the parliament while attempting to remove the cement blocks.The demonstrators also threw stones at security forces, prompting the police to use tear gas and water cannons against the protesters.The protesters also threw eggs on the cars of ministers and members of the parliament to express resentment and anger toward the ruling political class.Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced the formation of his new cabinet last month."How can we accept this new cabinet while it was appointed by the same parties that led the country to deterioration?" one protester said.Meanwhile, security forces issued a statement calling upon protesters to demonstrate in a peaceful way to guarantee their safety and security.The Lebanese have been protesting since October 2019, hoping to overhaul the political system. They call for a cabinet totally independent from the current ruling class.

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