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#Coronavirus latest: Death toll in China hits 1,113 with confirmed infections exceeding 44,000
10:35, 12.02.2020

More than 1,100 people have died with some 44,000 confirmed to be infected in mainland China from the coronavirus outbreak that has rippled to countries across the world.
Search interest for the term 'coronavirus' has eased further from its late-January high, according to new data from Google. Analysts and investors have been paying close attention to search traffic related to the outbreak as something of a gauge for global concern over the topic. It had peaked in late January, but has been fallen steadily ever since. The data, which record search activity from when the outbreak began generating headlines in mid-January through February 9, help explain why financial analysts are feeling a bit less anxious about the outbreak. Markets in Asia (and especially Hong Kong) have recovered markedly from their recent lows.

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