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South Korean ex-president Lee Myung-bak sentenced 17 years in jail
15:25, 19.02.2020

S.Korea's appellate court sentences ex-president Lee to 17 years in jail over corruptionSEOUL - A South Korean appellate court on Wednesday sentenced former president Lee Myung-bak to 17 years in jail over a set of corruptions, including bribery and embezzlement. The Seoul High Court handed down the ruling on Lee, who served as the country's head of state for five years from early 2008, fining him 13 billion won (10.9 million US dollars).It was heavier than the verdict by the lower court, which sentenced Lee to 15 years in prison. Prosecutors demanded a 20-year imprisonment with the fine of 15 billion won (12.6 million US dollars).

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