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#Coronavirus live updates: China reports 118 more deaths
10:15, 21.02.2020

Singapore still has some financial buffer if more measures are needed to tide the economy through the current coronavirus outbreak, said Indranee Rajah, the country’s second minister for finance and education.

“What we’ve done is to prepare on the basis that it may go on for some months, and to make sure that we can stabilize and support businesses as well as our households during that period,” Rajah, who’s also a minister in the prime minister’s office, told CNBC on Friday.

“And we do still have some buffer in case any additional measures are needed,” she said.

The Singapore government has set aside 5.6 billion Singapore dollars ($4.02 billion) in its latest budget to help businesses, workers and households weather the economic hit from the spread of the new coronavirus called COVID-19.

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