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Hundreds of prisoners escape Brazilian jail ‘and hold guards hostage’ in revolt over coronavirus crackdown
13:30, 17.03.2020

Inmates escaped in Tremembé and Mirandópolis and a rebellion was reported at a prison in Porto Feliz.

In one escape, about 400 inmates got out of the Centro de Progressão Penitenciária (CPP) Dr Rubens Aleixo Sendin, in Mongaguá, on the coast of São Paulo.

In footage from the scene, the person filming calls out: "Come back on Monday, hey!"

The Military Police have already recaptured 41 inmates from the Mongaguá unit.

Nine hostages they had taken were released and the prisoners who had not escaped returned to their cells.

The unit has capacity for 1,640 prisoners but was holding 2,796 - almost double capacity - according to the Secretariat of Penitentiary Administration.

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