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When working from home goes wrong: Woman forgets to turn the camera off as she goes to TOILET during a video conference cal
00:20, 27.03.2020

Millions of people across the world are swapping their offices for kitchen tables, sofas, beds and living rooms as people stay inside in the hope to stop the spread of coronavirus.

And with new technology comes new rules and etiquette, which some are still trying to figure out.

One unfortunate woman, believed to be from the US, accidentally left her camera on while on a video conference call - meaning her colleagues witnessed her going to the toilet in a viral video widely shared on Twitter.

The worker, referred to on the call as Jennifer, is seen walking through her home as a colleague discusses work, saying: 'It depends on the ethical standards of a profession, and from what I've heard social work has very high standards.'

But as she spoke, Jennifer was seen removing her trousers and sitting on the toilet - leaving her workmates in fits of laughter.

Jennifer soon figured out her mistake and turned the camera to the wall, but not before her colleagues noticed.

'What happened?' asked one woman as the others giggled in the background.

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