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#COVID_19 updates: Ontario records 10 new deaths, Saskatchewan announces its first two
09:55, 31.03.2020

COVID-19 continued its unforgiving march into new areas of the country on Monday, sweeping through long-term care homes and religious communities and into vulnerable regions as the federal government brought in new domestic travel restrictions.Ontario reported its largest single-day increase by far, including 10 new deaths, while hard-hit Quebec soared well past the 3,000-case mark and Newfoundland and Labrador reported the Atlantic region’s first death.Saskatchewan recoded its first two virus deaths on Monday.Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s top public health official, said there have been more cases reported in areas at high risk of “severe outcomes.”That includes the first case in Nunavik, in northern Quebec, over the weekend, and outbreaks in long-term care facilities, leading to what Tam described as “devastating outcomes.”Speaking in his regular COVID-19 address to the nation Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered more details on the emergency wage subsidy that was first announced last week.

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