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Woman arrested after being found on grounds of Abe’s residence. #Japantoday
16:35, 06.04.2020

Police in Tokyo have arrested a 26-year-old woman who was found on the grounds of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s residence on Saturday night.According to police, Eri Shimada was detained by police after her presence was detected by sensors at around 11 p.m. Saturday on the premises of Abe’s home in Shibuya Ward, Fuji TV reported. She has been charged with unlawful entry onto private property after she climbed over a wall to enter the grounds.Police said Shimada’s bag contained a small hatchet, a container with gasoline and pepper gas spray.Police quoted Shimada, who claimed to be a company employee from Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture, as saying she had a bad relationship with her parents and that she thought she could “reset” her life if she was arrested.Police said Shimada will undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is mentally competent.Police said Abe and his wife were home at the time.

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