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At least four GOP lawmakers, two US entities to be put on China’s sanction list over #COVID_19 lawsuits: analysts
14:15, 14.05.2020

China is extremely dissatisfied with the abuse of litigation by the US against China over the COVID-19 epidemic and mulling punitive countermeasures against US individuals, entities and state officials such as Missouri's attorney general Eric Schmitt, who filed lawsuits against China to seek damages over the coronavirus pandemic, sources close to the matter told the Global Times exclusively. At least four US Congress lawmakers and two entities will be put onto China’s sanction list, according to analysts.

China won't just strike back symbolically, but will impose countermeasures that will make them feel painful, analysts said.

Some US congressmen and state governors as well as attorneys who are also GOP hawks have filed lawsuits against China, alleging that the Chinese government mishandled the epidemic, which has led to severe economic consequences.

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