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Trump threatens to ‘cut off’ relationship with China, claims #coronavirus proved
15:05, 15.05.2020

Trump has threatened to "cut off the whole relationship" between the U.S. and China and that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic proved that "Trump was right" to seek the restructuring of global supply chains in a wide-ranging interview that aired Thursday on Fox Business.

"Look, there's nothing good about what happened with the plague, OK? Especially the death. But the one thing is, it said Trump was right," Trump told Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo. "These stupid supply chains that are all over the world, where you have a supply chain where they're made in all different parts of the world and one little piece of the world goes bad and the whole thing is messed up. I said, 'We shouldn't have supply chains. We should have them all in the United States.'"

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