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Yukos shareholders seize Russian vodka assets in the Netherlands
17:45, 18.05.2020

Shareholders in the now defunct Russian oil giant Yukos have seized Netherlands-based assets of two well-known vodka brands controlled by the Russian state in their most recent legal move to obtain $57 billion in damages from Moscow, they said on Monday.
The seizure of the Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya vodka trademark rights via a Dutch court took place on May 7, a spokesman for shareholders said on Monday. The Russian state was informed of the move last week.
A Dutch appeals court on Feb. 18 overturned the annulment of a $50 billion award to Yukos shareholders, a surprise ruling 13 years after the assets came under control of the Kremlin.
The sum due has increased to $57 billion because of additional penalty fees, the spokesman said.

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