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Mayor plays 'the dead man' so that he will not be arrested for violating the quarantine
23:45, 21.05.2020

The mayor of Tantará, in Peru, Jaime Rolando Urbina Torres, was detained by local police officers for violating the curfew and the rules of social distancing by relocating with other people and drinking drinks intoxicating on public roads.

The official and his friends were in the city of Huancavelica before their arrest when they became aware of the presence of the public force and hid in coffins, pretending to be dead.

The citizens of their district He has questioned the mayor for the handling he has of the pandemic, reason why they have criticized that in more than 50 days of the state of emergency, Urbina Torres has only been in his job for only a week.

Due to social pressure, the mayor created the Covid-19 command in the area, to prevent the spread of the virus.

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17:32, 05.07.2020
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