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Professor who predicted Trump's 2016 win explains why he thinks Trump will win again
13:35, 30.05.2020

A political science professor who predicted President Trump's win in 2016 is forecasting another victory.
In an interview on "The Ingraham Angle." Stony Brook University's Helmut Norpoth stated Friday that he believes the key to another victory for the president lies in the examination of primary races.
"OK, the key to the November election is the primaries. And, the only primaries [are] already giving us a lot of information," he explained.
"And, based on that, Donald Trump won them very easily in his party," Norpoth continued. "Joe Biden -- the likely nominee for the Democrats -- had a great deal of trouble holding it together. But, on balance, it's that stronger performance of primaries that gives Donald Trump the edge in November."

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